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A final lesson from Jake the Wonder Dog


As you know from my previous post, Jake taught me many important lessons throughout his life. When he left this world on May 19 – his 12th birthday – he taught me yet another important lesson. It was a lesson about how to let go gracefully when it is your time. Over the past few months, Jake showed signs of slowing down. When he no longer wanted to climb into the Jeep for a ride, or chase his beloved tennis ball, my heart sank.  I knew he would not be with us much longer. Being intuitive -as all dogs are – he must have sensed it was his time to go. So, what did he do? The day before he died, he took one last walk with his best friends, Jack the Yorkie, Jack’s mom Jen, Shilah the Golden Retriever and her mom, Beth and me. This was our “six pack” for countless walks. He seemed perfectly normal on our walk, giving no clue the next day would be his last. The two of us later went out in the back yard and just hung out in the grass for awhile. I got the impression he was drinking in all the sights and sounds of his favorite space. His behavior was pretty normal the rest of the day. The next afternoon, he walked down the steps, went into this cozy crate where he felt safe, and slept away quietly.  Jake did not make a problem out of it. He just let go peacefully.  My mother said “He went out like a gentleman.” I could not agree more. When it is my time, I hope I have the opportunity to spend a day enjoying my favorite things with my favorite people and that I am able to let go with such grace.



I love your site Chris. This piece on Jake the Wonder Dog really touched me. One of our dogs turned 12 on May 2nd and she’s been winding down. After reading this, with tears in my eyes, I picked her up just to hold her for awhile. Then I picked up our other dog that will be 2 on August 29th and held her for awhile because you just never know how long you have with them. I also hope that I spend a “perfect day” with my loved ones before I cross over. It would mean so much to them.


What a wonderful site Chris. I love reading your stories and hearing your thoughts. One lesson I learned this morning after reading this and Let go, or be dragged is not to read these at work. It’s a little embarrasing : -))) Thanks for sharing this this site with me, it’s great!


Just to clarify, it’s embarrasing when someone walks by and I have tears in my eyes!!