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Christine Mabon

Following the death of her husband, Christine Mabon discovered the true power of community and food. Chris’ neighbors and friends rallied around her to offer meals and comfort. From delicious braised brisket, to advice on how to embark on a new career, the support she was given helped her learn to move past grief. She believes these relationships enabled her to heal and move forward; as with each gift of support, a new friendship was formed or an existing one deepened. In addition to the food, these relationships brought her insight into personal characteristics she needed to correct or develop. Because of her experience, she wants to share the transformative lesson she learned: good friends, like good food, can renew, restore, and revitalize your life.

She travels the country speaking and presenting workshops, seminars and keynotes on friendship. She also publishes a monthly e-newsletter called The Five Essential Friendships,which is all about the different kinds of friends we make and the roles they serve in our lives. Her first book, 101 Ways to Nurture Yourself was published in 2016.

In addition, Christine details her insights in her most recent book, Comfort Food: Amazing Friends and the Everyday Stories That Happen Around Food.

Her story has been featured in many publications including USA Today. She has also been interviewed by many media outlets such as The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Tribune-Reviewand WOUC-FM radio. Chris shares her messages of friendship with a wide variety of audiences, including social and professional organizations, libraries, churches, and schools, including the Delta, Kappa, Gamma Society PA State Convention, Christ Church Cathedral, Keystone Oaks Middle School and the YMCA Women’s Week Event. 

 When she is not writing or speaking, Chris enjoys going for walks, salsa dancing, and of course, spending time with her friends.

You can reach Chris by visiting www.christinemabon.comor give her a call at 412-400-6216, or you can hang out with her on Facebook and Instagram.