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I was shopping at a local health food store recently.  The owner is aware I am a widow and am in the process of writing a book about my experience.  While I was there, she mentioned the book to   the charming white haired woman working behind the counter. The woman had been widowed twice – once at age 36 with three young children and again later in her life.  We were talking and she reminded me of an experience I had.  My guess is that many of us widows and widowers have this same experience.  She said at first, you think of your spouse every second.  Then, you think of them every five minutes.  Then you think of them every hour.  One day, you realize that you didn’t think of them at all.  When you realize this, you feel guilty.  We actually said “then you feel guilty” at the same time.   We both laughed as we realized our common experience.    Read more

Comfort Food

From the day my husband died generous friends and neighbors delivered delicious meals to our home. We were blessed to have this continue for almost four months. Isn’t that amazing? Three days each week, a friend or neighbor would come to the door with the most wonderful meal. These were full meals – a salad or vegetable, main course and dessert. Often times, a bottle of wine was included. I still marvel at this outpouring of kindness. As those of you who have been on the receiving end of a hot, home cooked meal know, it has a way of soothing you like nothing else can.