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Visiting Joyce

“Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends.” – Mary Catherwood

Earlier this month, I went to visit my friend, Joyce at her new home in Kansas City, Missouri – or Missoura, as the locals might say. It was wonderful to spend time with my dear friend and her wonderful husband, Ed in their newly adopted city. Joyce graciously took me around the city to many of her favorite spots. One afternoon, we had lunch at a charming French Bistro. The watermelon sorbet, drizzled with blood orange liquor and garnished with a piece of dark chocolate and thin cookie wafer served beautifully in a martini glass was the highlight of meal.  Oh my, it was decadent! We then visited a small wine shop housed in the most adorable little cottage. The garden flag at the entrance had a clock face with a corkscrew as the hands of the clock. Under the picture it read “It’s wine o’clock. You’re right on time.” I don’t know about you, but that felt like an invitation to me. In we went. We enjoyed wandering through the various rooms filled with wine from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Australia and California. The fact that is is a pain to transport wine via airplane is probably a good thing in this case. I could have gone a little crazy.

 We had the opportunity to relax, talk, enjoy the sights and sounds of Kansas City, laugh, eat delicious food (Did I mention the amazing wine?) and truly enjoy each other’s company for several days. It was effortless. I think that is the sign of a genuine friendship. There is no need to “warm up” to each other. You just immediately feel comfortable, at ease and at home. Such friendships feed your soul. They are rare and beautiful gifts to be treasured. If you have such a friend, I encourage you to make time in your life for them.

The following excerpt about our sons’ high school football season from my complete, but unpublished manuscript Comfort Food – Inspiring Stories of Loss, Friendship and Healing gives you an idea of why Joyce is such a special friend.

“Joyce and her wonderful husband, Ed, were so kind. They made sure I rode with them to all of the away games. I could have easily driven myself, as most of the games were close by. However, it was a special treat to meet at their house, enjoy a glass of wine and a snack (of course Joyce and Ed are red wine lovers!) and be on our way. The stadiums were electrified by the excitement of high school football, cheerleaders and marching bands. You could feel the energy pulsing in all directions.

To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by the noise and activity at the first game. Everything seemed to be moving so much faster than me. It is strange that something you have easily done so many times can all of a sudden feel like the first time. I guess that is because you are in the process of becoming a new and different person. In that way, you are truly experiencing things for the first time. Walking into those stadiums flanked by Joyce and Ed was both comforting and empowering. I was so grateful to have them by my side. Once again, what seemed like a simple gesture had an enormous impact in my life…Touchdown!”



Tom Ross

So Chris, I love this eloquent but simply expressed post. It captures the feeling of real friendship- not the social acquaintance type, the real thing.

Thanks for this beautiful post.