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A Day Worthwhile

When I opened my P. O. Box the day after Christmas, I was delighted to find an envelope from Francis. It contained a copy of the poem, A Day Worthwhile. 

This poem revitalizes my desire to be of service to others whenever I can and it reminds me that each day I do good for another is a day wisely spent. In this new year, I plan on making all my days worthwhile. Thank you, Francis for this special gift!


A Day Worthwhile

I count that day as wisely spent

In which I do some good

For someone who is far away

Or shares my neighborhood.


A day devoted to the deed

That lends a helping hand

And demonstrates a willingness

To care and understand.


I long to be of usefulness

In little ways and large

Without a selfish motive

And without the slightest charge.


Because in my philosophy

There never is a doubt

That all of us here on earth

Must help each other out.

I feel that day is fruitful

And the time is worth the while

When I promote the happiness

Of one enduring smile.

– Author unknown